Ed and Brian Hogle have been working in the steel and construction industry for over 25 years. In 2004, they decided to take their skills into the artistic arena. Having started with exterior design projects for homes and businesses, they soon realized that people love to see their passions actualized into polished, powder-coated steel.

Steel Crazy Iron Art owner, Ed and Brian



Starting with personalized orders for each customer, Steel Crazy Iron Art began to develop different products that fit a variety of passions. 

Using AutoCAD to design each piece, we cut the pieces out of steel with a waterjet and plasma cutting. Then, each piece is hand-polished and torched by our veteran staff. Finally, the products are powder-coated and baked in the oven.


The finished product is what you see in our catalog: Beautifully hand crafted works of art that inspire and satisfy every customer we've encountered. Steel Crazy Iron Art can turn your idea into reality, contact us to place your order today!